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formal release from guilt, obligation, or punishment


Started in the midst of a global pandemic, Absolution began as a creative outlet and welcomed distraction from the incessant chaos of the world. With pending anxieties and negativity at its highest, the women at Absolution, found comfort in scouring the internet for the latest fashions and online shopping, hopeful for an optimistic future to come. After countless weeks in sweatpants & leggings, the complete power of a brand-new, chic outfit was realized, when trying on the most recent online purchases. It was in this moment that Absolution recognized that clothes could not only provide a physical need, but also a complete mental transformation.

While often unable to control the world and circumstances around us, each of us have complete control over how we choose to look & feel everyday. As such, Absolution is here to provide everyone an opportunity to release themselves from any previous guilt or judgement, and step into their best and most fashionable selves.

Liz & Mary